Dining room

Whether in a family setting or with a group of friends - the dining room is a special place to be together. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are enjoyed and everyday experiences are shared in this central room. myfelt rugs lend the dining room a balanced and warm foundation while making a statement for sustainable living space concepts.

Dining room
Flat felt rugs for the dining room

Whether round or square - myfelt rugs come in many different sizes

Furnish the dining room

tastefully with rugs from


The flat felted and handmade rugs from myfelt are particularly suitable for the dining room at home. The pure virgin wool material is easy to care for and durable. This means that even heavy dining tables and all kinds of chairs can be placed on them and bring harmony and aesthetics into the room as an additional interior accessory.

Coasters, Table Covers and small Baskets

Functional aesthetically pleasing - accessories for the dining room


Interaction and always

an eye -catcher

Small accessories from myfelt subtly shape the atmosphere of the dining room. The high-quality pot and glass coasters in many different variations not only bring colour to the table, but also prove to be particularly functional and durable. myfelt coasters are made of pure virgin wool and thus protect sensitive surfaces such as wood and glass from stains and scratches.

myfelt Seat Pads

Stylish colour accents provide visual highlights in the dining room

Available in round and

square as well as

handmade, also in custom


Anyone who sits for a long time likes to sit comfortably. The seat cushions made of felt from myfelt ensure all-round comfortable sitting. Available in different sizes, they bring colour accents to the dining room as seat and bench cushions. All myfelt seat and bench cushions are highly water and dirt repellent. Thanks to the natural material properties of the high-quality wool, the felt cushions also store warmth and make sitting not only comfortable but also pleasant in the long term.